Touching Soul

Touching Soul

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The sacred truths found within these this book of poems are timeless, eternal and born of Cosmic Law, to which all of creation is subject.


While millions have heard the name of the great Indian yoga master, Paramhansa Yogananda and his bestselling book Autobiography of a Yogi, few realize he was also an accomplished poet, who published hundreds of deeply devotional prayer-poems in his lifetime.

Now, one of his disciples, inspired by the beauty of her guru’s writings, has chronicled her own personal explorations into the realm of spiritual seeking. The sixty poems, chants, and prayers offered by the author, are accompanied by the moving testimony she shares of her spiritual experiences as she grew deeper in understanding into the universal teachings behind all religions. Her clear, concise, and often humorous insights offer each of us a unique and profound opportunity to examine our own spiritual beliefs, misconceptions, and
inner journey, with fresh eyes and an open heart.

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