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Ananda Vintage Music Collection - Digital

Ananda Vintage Music Collection - Digital

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The Ananda Vintage Music Catalog offers you over $200 worth of products for just $99.95, a savings of over 50% off the retail price.This MP3 audio folder includes:

    • 19 vintage albums from Ananda (track listing below provides one sample from each album)
    • Over twenty hours of music

List of album titles:


    • Ah, Moon of My Delight
    • Awake Into Light
    • AY Reminiscences
    • Come Gather Round
    • I Am thine
    • Mediterranean Magic
    • Memories
    • More Power To You
    • Music for Meditation
    • Music from Ananda
    • Music of Divine Joy (SRW 1979)
    • O God Beautiful
    • Rumanian Memories
    • Say 'Yes' To Life
    • Songs of India
    • Songs of Shakespeare
    • Songs of St. Francis
    • Songs of the Soul
    • Soul Songs


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