Yoga Therapy for Headache Relief

Yoga Therapy for Headache Relief

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This is the first book to use yoga as a comprehensive, permanent alternative solution to the standard, often only marginally effective, treatments for headaches.


Headaches are one of the most common and aggravating health problems we experience. More than 40 million Americans suffer from serious or chronic headaches sometime during their lives, and Americans consume over 30,000 tons of over-the counter painkillers each year!

Co-written by an experienced medical doctor and an acclaimed professional yoga teacher, Yoga Therapy for Headache Relief is the first book that uses yoga as a comprehensive, permanent alternative solution to the standard-often only marginally effective-treatments.

Topics covered include: the different types of headaches and how to tell them apart; how yoga can help them; two safe, effective routines—one short, the other longer—detailing which yoga postures to use for best results; additional alternative techniques that may be helpful; other prescription and non-prescription medical therapies worth considering; and a bibliography for further reading.

Effective Solutions for Overcoming Headaches

Yoga Therapy is a revolutionary new approach to working with some of the most common physical and mental ailments. Combining yoga postures with the latest in conventional and alternative medical treatments, each book in the Yoga Therapy series presents a fresh, effective approach to healing.

Yoga Therapy for Headache Relief contains extensive information on how to use yoga postures as an aid in healing, useful conventional and alternative treatments to supplement your practice, plus a variety of additional tips, techniques, and tools. Yoga Therapy is easy-to-use, succinct, and requires no prior knowledge or practice of yoga.

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