Swami Kriyananda: Slide Shows

Swami Kriyananda: Slide Shows

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Features four different slide shows of photos taken by Swami Kriyananda and combined with video, creating a beautiful effect of movement and still life. The slides shows include narration and beautiful background music, also by Swami Kriyananda.


The first two slide shows, Hawaiian Magic and Saint Francis of Assisi take you on a journey through Hawaii and Italy. Hawaiian Magic is a beautiful collection of photos and video of the Hawaiian islands and their native people. Your heart will naturally open and your mind will relax as you experience God’s beauty through nature. In Saint Francis of Assisi Swamiji takes us on a visual pilgrimage to Italy and narrates on the deeply inspiring life of Saint Francis of Assisi including many legends and stories rarely heard.

Land of Mystery includes photos of many mystical and beautiful places from all over the world, both on land and below, to the ocean depths. It is accompanied by Swamiji reading from a guided meditation he wrote entitled, “Land of Mystery.” Different Worlds offers reflections of the infinitely varied nature of human consciousness. The narration, by David Eby, and music help us see the underlying unity of all humanity. The beautiful and soothing background music is by Swamiji, composed especially for this slide presentation.

Treasures Along The PathJoin Treasures Along The Path

Treasures offers inspiring selections from the archives of Swami Kriyananda's audio and video tapes going back 32 years. Digitally remastered cds or mp3s of lectures by Kriyananda on topics deeply important to the spiritual path. Low cost to members who receive one treasure per month by mail or download.