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Life & Inspiration of Yogananda - Collection

Life & Inspiration of Yogananda - Collection

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Paramhansa Yogananda: A Biography

One of Yogananda’s close and direct disciples tells the untold story of this great spiritual master and world teacher: his teenage miracles, his challenges in coming to America, his national lecture campaigns, his struggles to fulfill his world-changing mission amid incomprehension and painful betrayals, and his ultimate triumphant achievement.

Winner of the International Book Award for Best Spirituality Book of 2012, and winner in the category of Best Spirituality Book of 2013 for the Next Generation Indie Awards!


Conversations with Yogananda

This is an unparalleled firsthand account of Paramhansa Yogananda and his teachings, written by one of his closest students. Yogananda is one of the world's most widely known and universally respected spiritual masters. His Autobiography of a Yogi has helped stimulate a spiritual awakening in the West and a spiritual renaissance in his native land of India.


Essence of Self-Realization

Filled with stories that Paramhansa Yogananda shared with his close disciples, this book is an insightful and engaging glimpse into the life and lessons of a great modern master of yoga. 

Great teachers work through their students, and Yogananda was no exception. Swami Kriyananda writes in the introduction to the present volume, "After I'd been with him a year and a half, he began urging me to write down the things he was saying during informal conversations." The Essence of Self-Realization, nearly 300 sayings rich with spiritual wisdom, is the fruit of that labor of love.



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