Leadership: A Spiritual Journey

Leadership: A Spiritual Journey

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In this talk, Swamiji discusses the qualities necessary for true leadership.


In this talk Swami tells us how outward development and action can be an aide to our spiritual progress. He discusses the qualities of non-attachment, centeredness, service, patience, and magnetism, and helps us to understand their importance from both inner and outer perspectives. For example, regarding service; Swami reminds us that leaders must offer their work and themselves humbly to others, or they risk falling from ego centeredness. Yogananda was humble and respectful to all whom met, although he towered above them spiritually. Swami also talks about dealing with negative people or negative personal traits, and he reminds us to work on only one battle at a time. We can't reach our goals by forcing issues–we have to build our foundations carefully and ensure the energy is right. We must fight the battles we can win, and in doing so develop the strength that will help us conquer the more difficult ones.


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