Healthy Recipes for the Holidays and Every Day

Healthy Recipes for the Holidays and Every Day

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Receive both books for a deeply discounted price: Global Kitchen and The Healing Kitchen!

Descriptions below:

Global Kitchen: A Cookbook of Vegetarian Favorites from The Expanding Light Retreat

Create Healthy, Flavorful Meals with an International Flair

The delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes in Global Kitchen are inspired by many of the world's most enjoyed culinary cultures-Italian, Thai, Indian, and Chinese, among others. Tried and true favorites, they have been served for many years, to many thousands of guests, at The Expanding Light yoga and meditation retreat, known for its great-tasting, healthful, vegetarian cuisine.

These guests have repeatedly urged The Expanding Light to create a cookbook that will enable them to prepare this same wonderful food at home. Now you, too, can experience the pleasure of cooking and eating exceptional meals. Global Kitchen offers:

  • Guidelines for making tasty, low-fat, meals

  • Delicious dishes that are naturally satisfying

  • Easy-to-find ingredients for quick shopping

  • Uncomplicated recipes that bring out the natural flavor of foods

Diksha McCord was the head chef at The Expanding Light retreat for seven years, where she now teaches vegetarian cooking classes. She learned Kosher and vegetarian cooking while growing up in Israel, studied Japanese cooking while living in Kyoto, Japan, and learned Ayurvedic and Indian cooking from premier California chefs. (regular price: $14.95)

The Healing Kitchen: Vegetarian Cooking for Higher Awareness

Learn the keys to adding the most important ingredient of all to your meals: higher awareness. Diksha McCord shows a wide variety of ways to transform your cooking into a joyful experience that will uplift you as well as everyone who eats your meals. You’ll learn how to transform your kitchen into a sacred space, as well as increase your knowledge of vegetarian cooking and nutrition.

The Healing Kitchen is a multi-cultural culinary tour through the four seasons. You’ll receive expert guidance for matching your meals to each season for maximum nutrition, health, and vitality—and minimum effort.

The Healing Kitchen offers:
· More than 200 easy recipes—most are vegan (dairy-free and gluten-free)
· Tips for spiritualizing your cooking
· Healthy habits of eating that don’t compromise taste
· 8 Complete Meals for all seasons, plus special holiday meals
· Healthy and delicious smoothies, drinks, and herbal teas
· How to grow and use sprouts
· Basic recipes for grains, legumes, vegetables, sauces, and dressings
· How to make breads and gluten-free desserts
· How to make gourmet, healthy pizza
· A 9-day cleansing diet
· Special bonus: 4 free video classes for holiday meals with recipes (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Fourth of July)
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