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Happiness & Success at School

Happiness & Success at School

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A Magnificent Synergy

by George Beinhorn


Answering parents’ questions

about the surprising links between happiness and high performancein the classroom. How positive feelings and individual attentionnurture success in the early grades, in high school and college, and for all of life.

Based on the 50-year experience of the Living Wisdom Schools

CAN A BALANCED EDUCATION solve the problems confronting education today? Surely the answer to the failures of No Child Left Behind and the Core Curriculum lies in educating the individual child. A lockstep curriculum that ignores each child’s special strengths sets too many students up to fail. “Studying to the test” fails to give children an in-depth awareness of important principles. Filling children’s heads with quickly forgotten facts without building upon their natural enthusiasm for learning creates burnout, rebellion, and one-sided graduates who are inadequately prepared for the challenges of college and adult life. This book explains why a balanced, highly individualized curriculum that includes educating children’s hearts as well as their minds nurtures highly engaged, happy students who perform brilliantly in school.




“I feel honored to be connected, however indirectly, to Living Wisdom School. I marvel at its spirit, I embrace its visionary ideal, and I celebrate its remarkable accomplishments. I urge us all to spread the word on how special a place it really is.”


—Michael S. Katz, PhD, Professor of Philosophy and Education at San Jose State University. Dr. Katz teaches courses in applied philosophy, including moral issues and the philosophy of education. His present area of research is the ethics of teaching.


 “Education for Life… is an exalted call for change, based on deep insight into the potentials of every human being. It tells us how to nurture creativity, wisdom, and intuition in each child, and how to tap his unexplored capabilities.”


—Jesse J. Casbon, PhD, Dean of the Graduate School for Professional Studies at Lewis & Clark College (and former LWS High School Director)


“If you could put what you are doing in the public schools, it would change the world.” 

—Retired High School Principal at initial accreditation visit to the Living Wisdom School in Nevada City, California
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