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366 practical ways to improve your life-a thought for each day of the year.


A personal call to action.

Simple things you can do in your life that will have profound results.

Fresh ways of living and seeing things.

A simple "how to" on every aspect of self-improvement.


Do it NOW! Contains 366 practical ways to improve your life—a thought for each day of the year.
Each saying is warm with wisdom, alive with positive expectation, and will help you become completely open to life's experiences.
Written by Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters), author of the bestselling Secrets series, Do It NOW! is the
distillation of a lifetime of experience.


From the Author:

"Our planet needs help. To try to help it, however, by saving a few trees is like putting a band-aid
on a just-amputated limb. Much more is needed.

"More than anything else, the savagery of the marauder needs to be tamed. Mass anger needs softening by a
new respect for the power of kindness and love. Human consciousness must be uplifted. If enough people worked to change
themselves, instead of telling other people how not to live, our 'green and fertile earth' might become once again
the paradise we all know it could be.

"This book is my sincere attempt to inspire people everywhere to make your life what, deep in your heart, you know it
might be, if only you'd stop telling yourself, 'Oh, but I could never do that.'"

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