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Cities of Light

Cities of Light

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This book highlights the positive, life-changing lessons learned at Ananda, and explains how people can come together to build or improve their own communities.


Many of the great movements in history have sprung from little places, geographically: cities or even sections of cities, such as the Left Bank in Paris. Small concentrations of creative people have produced fresh insights that eventually benefited the entire human race. Even today, there exists in America places that are fomenting the seeds of the next great revolution of our time: intentional communities. One of these movements is called Ananda.

A highly successful network of intentional communities, thousands of people are currently living and working together in ten Ananda branches on three continents. Cities of Light contains the positive, life-changing lessons and advice gained during the first 30 years at Ananda, and explains how people everywhere, living in all kinds of communities—intentional or otherwise—can come together to build or improve their own communities, making them a haven for successful businesses, joy-filled interpersonal relationships, enlightened government, progressive education, and inspiring culture and the arts.

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