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And This Too

And This Too

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More of What This Life Is About

Surendra James Conti


Can philosophy be more than insightful, fascinating, and profound? Can it also be fun? In this sequel to Let Me Remember This, Surendra’s provocative first book, you will again be drawn into orbits of thought that are equally deep and delightful.

And This Too is another collection of luminous essays, ranging in content across a wide spectrum of spiritual and social commentary. It is rich in relevance to the challenges of our difficult era, alive with the language of experience, and laced with humor and wit. Here is philosophy honed to a keenly perceptive point of wisdom and practicality.


Surendra James Conti is an essayist, teacher, world traveler, and avid observer of the human scene. A man of many interests and careers, his resume includes: copywriter and broadcast producer for Walt Disney Productions; fine art dealer of Old Master prints; manager of America’s premier metaphysical bookstore, East West Bookshop, in Mountain View, California; ordained minister of the Ananda Church of Self-Realization; and spiritual director of Ananda’s yoga ashram in Pune, India. He is currently the director of Ananda’s Temple and Teaching Center in Portland, Oregon.


And This Too gives us spiritual inspiration, laugh-out-loud humor, a lifetime’s wisdom, personal vulnerability, musings on history and the craft of writing, and profound insight, carefully woven into creative poetry and elegant prose. Reading the book is like having a long conversation with a wise friend, as much self-reflective as offering answers to the eternal questions. A good book to read if you want to be nudged into your own process of introspection.

Joseph Selbie, author of The Physics of God 


And This Too is a book with the perfect subtitle: “More of What This Life Is About.” True wisdom awaits our perception, through an increasing willingness to shine more light on our inner, superconscious selves. Surendra reveals his sincere inner dialogues and light-filled inspirations, by the not-always-easy process of writing them down, clarifying them, and then sharing them freely with his readers.

Savitri Simpson, author of The Treta Yuga Trilogy of spiritual novels. 


The author is a deep, subtle thinker, well outside the box. Daily life with a spiritual focus. The writing is excellent — interesting, nicely challenging our preconceptions, but in a kind, often amusing way. Open the book anywhere and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of something you really need to know.

Asha Nayaswami, author of Swami Kriyananda, Lightbearer 


A lovingly-crafted book. Both timely and timeless, deep and light-hearted, these pages offer sophisticated questions with easy-to-understand instructions on how to find inner peace. Written with humor and grace, And This Too is a gift for all to treasure that assists in remembrance of our true nature.  

Elizabeth Kennedy, artist,




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