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A Taste of Joy

A Taste of Joy

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Author:  Mahiya Zoé Matthews

This book is the result of many years of serving in the Ananda Assisi kitchen and studying Yogananda’s original teachings on diet. The fact is, it’s much, much more than a cookbook. It does have 150 delicious and healthy recipes, but the other 150 pages (there are 450 in total!) contain the gems of Yogananda’s teachings, complemented with modern scientific research, nutritional data, personal stories from Ananda members, exquisite and joyful photos, and of course Master’s vibrations, making this book one of the leading books on vegetarianism and natural eating on the Italian market.

- based on Yogananda's teaching on diet,
- complemented by modern scientific research,
- with gems of Yogananda's spiritual teachings,
- personal stories of longtime Ananda members,
- joyful photos,
- and Yogananda's vibrations!

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